Excerpt: I’m Not Having Fun Anymore

I’m not having fun anymore. The faintly chemical scents of Icee pops and sunscreen clog the air; that toxically tropical harbinger of a good, old-fashioned pool party. I can hear the sun, practically fluorescent, buzzing like a cicada; that creaky, aching, rocking-chair-sound of summer. Playful screams slip into something Stepford sinister, and I’m not having … Continue reading Excerpt: I’m Not Having Fun Anymore


No “stopping by” my apartment on his way to somewhere else. Visits are meticulously planned because they are rare. No physical presence, just a phone call away, let’s spontaneously grab a coffee or a drink after a long day at work. Instead, four walls, a computer screen full of meaningful subtext, a Skype date as … Continue reading Distance