Miscellaneous Musings: Teeny Tiny Freewrite

I've been very into the idea of free writing in the mornings to clear the cobwebs out of my head. I'm trying to share more of my miscellaneous musings here as a direct result of joining a creative writing workshop again (glory be!), but also in an attempt to be a little less precious about … Continue reading Miscellaneous Musings: Teeny Tiny Freewrite

Excerpt: I’m Not Having Fun Anymore

I’m not having fun anymore. The faintly chemical scents of Icee pops and sunscreen clog the air; that toxically tropical harbinger of a good, old-fashioned pool party. I can hear the sun, practically fluorescent, buzzing like a cicada; that creaky, aching, rocking-chair-sound of summer. Playful screams slip into something Stepford sinister, and I’m not having … Continue reading Excerpt: I’m Not Having Fun Anymore


No “stopping by” my apartment on his way to somewhere else. Visits are meticulously planned because they are rare. No physical presence, just a phone call away, let’s spontaneously grab a coffee or a drink after a long day at work. Instead, four walls, a computer screen full of meaningful subtext, a Skype date as … Continue reading Distance