Miscellaneous Musings: Teeny Tiny Freewrite

I've been very into the idea of free writing in the mornings to clear the cobwebs out of my head. I'm trying to share more of my miscellaneous musings here as a direct result of joining a creative writing workshop again (glory be!), but also in an attempt to be a little less precious about … Continue reading Miscellaneous Musings: Teeny Tiny Freewrite

It wasn’t all bad

It didn’t always hurt. It wasn’t all bad. We were high-school sweethearts once. Full to bursting with young love, that blinding, optimistic rush of some hot feeling when eyes meet and linger across a crowded room, quick, fumbled young love, sloppy, self-conscious kisses in the almost-dark. “You’re everything to me. I will never hurt you,” … Continue reading It wasn’t all bad