Eulogy for T’Challa

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life, and honor the memory of T’Challa: King of Wakanda, Leader of the Order of “I Never Freeze”, Defender of potato salad at black BBQs everywhere. #FuckYouAndYourRaisinsKaren #GiveMePaprikaOrGiveMeDeath With T’Challa gone, the universe has lost a bright light, and the world is a dimmer place. Not only … Continue reading Eulogy for T’Challa


No “stopping by” my apartment on his way to somewhere else. Visits are meticulously planned because they are rare. No physical presence, just a phone call away, let’s spontaneously grab a coffee or a drink after a long day at work. Instead, four walls, a computer screen full of meaningful subtext, a Skype date as … Continue reading Distance


MAC AND CHEZ A pop-up poem by Andrew Serota written in 30 seconds and originally published on Gchat Awake, fructose syrup, the microwave hums the Star Spangled Banner; Golden ambrosia, cure to my many ails; A dirty fork, no matter, transcendence cannot wait; This would go great with some Mountain Dew.